Monday, August 18, 2008

Spleen Dream #14

walking naked in argyle frames
wood frames
rotted wood frames
coffee bean breaks into powder
something wrong with this tobacco
walk ankled broker than thou
walk weak-ankled in argyle
naked with alimony
strafing mysterical and mako’d over
with stucco stars’ teeth,
angle heaped hamsters
worked the Neko streets of drawn
this blind everything’s silhouetted by the frowns
turned to wall and antler’d me
and the memes of dream bloated by the rage for orders
half-sandwiched by an ampuled reputation
which was disputed to never defend yourself evenly
even if they want notes for nature know
the wire tripped was meant to be burnt
so burn your own photographs not mine
was it harpless or helpless she said he was turtled?
taffeta and tarragon, do ray me with a lamp
well wall antler’d being blank glass-eyed tear drip
by being simply hog tied, well-turned oinkers
up on the eaves drop, drip drop drip
down from the eaves dropper snickety snick:
leave the walls alone! your badge of honor ripped
into swatches, the overheard is much too underhanded,
dream girls in fast cars will whisker you cat alley’d
right by the bureaucrats--
alley, alley, in comfry & a poultice in the pulpit
walking ankle-shackled by art’s feelingless love muffins
did I just say that or will you
ostensive ostriches and paragons of hot dogs
get me out of this fucking museum,
its friezing over in here.

we’re like cows now our fordy assemblage line specializations
make you know nobody but nobody but who knows it &
this verse line worker, he’ll carry that crying jag
just as long as the shard stays pointy to his nerves
of the hour, by the hour, and for the hour.


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