Tuesday, December 9, 2008

While You Wait

I experienced a household power outage this morning. Buffalo is so beautiful because of its spacious, urban-friendly older houses (many of which are under threat of demolition because of the ongoing financial blockade--er--recession. Sorry, did I just attribute intention to how economically mucked-up our region is??). But along with that aging grandeur it also means that many of them are not fully up-to-date in terms of plumbing, heating, etc. So, I lost three pages worth of my post, and will have to reconstruct it. But in the meantime, take a look over at the sidebar. Go ahead, look over there ->

see those amazing-looking books?
Wouldn't you like to read one, or simply have that kind of chic book art elegance on your bookshelf? Don't be afraid, now. Remember, mama poetry loves you. Why don't you order one today? You seriously have to stop going around talking about Germs, Guns, and Steel and start talking about Venus 93, TwentyTwo and At Any Point. These aren't the nineties anymore, you know.


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