Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Out: Jonathan Skinner's With Naked Foot

19 poems in a 36-page book, with photos by the author. limited press run. $7 + $1 postage


The depth of this is not
is a knot of purple
staining the heart in

the coroner's gaze

is the sound of pleasure
put in your mouth
in the conjunction
of two bodies
in a dark alley

of good fortune where
that heart beats

out another night
in another life
in yet another town

--from With Naked Foot

Miriam Atkin on "Meeting":
Memory of missing conjunctions is in shapes of the body. How deep is the meaning of a particular conjoining? Wounded organs, sounds put into mouth, and conjunctions are of a family. Heart beats on a night. Sounds are put in mouth. The meaning of one meeting differentiates from the sequence of things. It refuses to participate. It is where everything else is not.


I have a poem appearing in the new issue of Poiesisjust out from propoganda press. please order it, support the small press, and read the best. Why, if it wasn't for small press, we wouldn't have no press at all! the perfect tonic for those nights when you just can't fight that poparty feeling.

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