Friday, March 27, 2009


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Don't let my previous post fool you into thinking I was unhappy about my experiences as poet/publisher at a Fair--My post was following "scripts" found almost by accident when thinking about my various engagements in writing, as they reflect relationships between writing and the rest of it--living--the overlap, bleed and blend of the ongoing, and the art as a central part of that. The joyous actual time I had at the fair, and the changes and efforts in what the future holds in store led to "style" of the post as a reflection/reframing of sight/prior texts: to show how the work of art looks back at the artist. Thanks to Chris Fritton and everyone who made the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair last weekend such an amazing success. I had a wonderful time and was so happy to meet so many different, amazingly creative people. It was a real pleasure to be able to talk with readers, writers, artists
and the just plain curious. We talked about small press, writing, markets, town & gown, and much more. I wish I had the resources to speak in more detail, but really, right now I don't. Can't get a word in. A disposition of uncertainty makes a lot of my turns in the ongoing conversation feel like interruptions.

More books from LSP to come!!

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