Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boog City Cakeshop Reading

The Boog City reading and events publishing/booking organization has just "offically" posted full audio links to the Cakeshop Poetry readings that were held as a part of the "Welcome to Boog City" Festival back in September of 2008.

You can hear my reading at this link, under the name "Manson Douglas Manson" which is not my legal name, but if repeated often enough, may create an impossible-to-forget effect on you the next time you want to listen to or read unique poetic works.

I've listened to about 30 seconds of my recording so far, and am a little surprised at the low & loping tone I begin this with. I am reading from the opening pages of the book To Becoming Normal, a poem of transient line-endings and small pools of sentient awareness. A book of little, just-cracked-open geode crystal hoards. I also remember that I had to read immediately after listening to a poem which, to my mind, was filled with heavy heavy degrees of anomie, animosity and aggression, thus my voice begins with a kind of "pressed against immovable stone" effect, which eventually wears off after a few minutes.

There are also recordings of the Welcome to Boog City Friday night readings at this link.

I hope you enjoy all of the audio files.

Thanks to David Kirschenbaum and Damian Weber for the work they put into this. And to New York City for bringing me the chance to get to know and fall in love with Miriam. "No, never in those fiery days / when I indulged in youthful ways, / did I experience such a torment . . ."


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  1. DOUG:

    good times tonight -- the Kara & i had to duck out after Sikkema's reading.

    listen -- wondering if you'd like to participate in a Poet-Publishers Symposium we've put together -- Little Scratch Pad. send a msg. this the only way i know to contact you.


    hugs ... rich ...