Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Of Place

a note to announce that the press has moved to brooklyn new york after many many years in buffalo. hello brooklyn!! of course, i don't have an actual letterpress, or a mimeo machine, but i do have two computers, a scanner and a black and white printer. as the huge cloud of dust raised by the move has yet to settle, it will be a few weeks before any new writing, publishing and other worthwhile activity will get underway. and i've pulled a few of my more recent posts after realizing they were a bit backhandedly whiney, along with some photos of myself that i think were less flattering than cool. i'll be teaching classes this fall, which will be a very welcome change and afford me a great chance to make a new start.

coming up in September i'll be taking part in the ever-growing Welcome to Boog City annual reading and small press book fair at Unnameable Books, where i hope to meet lots and lots of writers and publishers. right now the schedule is huge and not yet posted in full, so I'll send more details in a few days. it was this very event last year that sparked the idea, and stoked the fires, that eventually encouraged me to move here. O my. what a great place!

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  1. there's no place like home to hang your hat is where the heart is, home.