Tuesday, September 22, 2009

move over, summer! now there's something leaner!

where titania hid the indian kid

& where keats found his feets:

in the eglantine,

next to the coming musk-rose, full of dewy wine,

under hot nodding violets, fast-fading and wet,

amidst the oxlips (in background),

with wild thymes, wild thymes! and wyld stallyns--rowing in eden,

in a murmurous haunt of flies, luscious & lulling.

the dudes: William Shakespeare and John Keats. Inside they're crying.

(the drawing of oxlips above is "Oxlips and Daisies" by Tricia Newell, this a copyrighted image that i'm using without her permission, and with no hope of profitting by using it, so please visit her site. If you ARE tricia newell, thanks for the great drawing, and please don't sue me!)

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