Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moving Time Again

The press (which is really me) is moving again. In my New York City perambulations, I first stayed in Bed-Stuy. So I moved to Bensonhurst, where I loved the neighborhood & now I'm moving to Bay Ridge. I've got an unlimited metrocard, so I'll be able to span the boroughs from those verdant shores. R-line UP! Please do come help me with the moving party this Saturday. This time all the heavy lifting will be done by real movers, so it will be more celebration than persperation.

Favorite idea of this morning (a description of Scarry's Resisting Representation): "Looking at problematic areas of expression not at the moment when representation is resisted, but at the moment when that resistance is at last overcome, suggesting a domain of plenitude and inclusion."

Today's teaching menu main courses: Thomas Hardy and William Blake.

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