Thursday, December 9, 2010

Video Failure


I tried posting some short films here, but they wouldn't load.

Local news: I'm writing a play. Reviews of Ed Sanders' recent 2 volumes of selected poetic works have appeared in Boog City #66, a New York City poetry newspaper. How many poetry newspapers are there in the world?

I will continue to try loading these films.

Works for Celery Flute: The Kenneth Patchen Newsletter are strongly encouraged, especially serious, analytical, thinking with eyes and mind attuned writings about poetry and painting. Poetry and visual art. On December 13, Kenneth Patchen (d. 1972) will turn 99 years old. It is hoped that next year events can be organized for a Centennial--in New York City, Warren, OH, Cleveland, OH, San Francisco and Santa Cruz. You can email me all questions, works, thoughts at

I'm asking patience from those who have sent me work, essays, images and poems for the Newsletter. I will soon respond, edit, and set up issue 5. With the cold weather, I will be working more on some delayed projects. I'm also begging Patchen Collectors out there to send unpublished images, manuscripts or letters for publication.

anyone for a poem? New poem! My poem.


Explanation was its own reward
this secret fact of the text
to effect a capture by way of undress

slight shame that was exhibition
soft inner core of the crisp exterior
the washing machine an apt view


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