Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Americans Aren't Going Out to Get New Stuff as Much as They Used To

We are erogenous and emotional nomads who refuse history as bad conscience, and memory as mental detritus. We are determined, each one of us, to learn all the functional skills necessary to have a life rich in experiences, give and take pleasures by way of our demonstrations of mastery over all kinds of things--ordering food and settling bills and shopping and planning fun-filled adventurous trips across the country, meeting new people and having stimulating and refreshing conversations about topics that are really new and important and cool, turning each other on to new ideas and music and spiritual paradises awaiting them in the lifelong study and accumulation of knowledge that can be eventually packaged into a tiny pill you just pop right into your mouth and there it is, unfolding all-in-all across the canyons and mesas of your brain: someone's life work conveniently condensed and formatted for the instantaneous enjoyment up and down and in and out of the fine diamond-strewn lines and paths of your otherwise overstressed and tangled neural weave. POP!


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