Monday, July 14, 2008

New Concentration Camps in the USA

I don't know about you, but this is the most disgusting, shocking, and shameful report I have ever read: where the United States Justice Department would collude with the Executive Branch to efface the basic justice of habeus corpus, right to representation, as well as any number of other basic freedoms: and why? Because these people came to the United States to work! Do we believe in hard work? Do we believe in giving someone a chance at a better life here? What did these so-called "illegal" immigrants find? Racism, xenophobia, and a very very sick nation. Watch out--we're spinning out of control--predators walk the street and look like you and me. Please read this report:

If it isn't time to restore the last shred of democracy we have, then we are LOST. U.S. marshals & associated officers swept through the buffalo streets last week in "posse style" gangs, in order to deliver warrants for a small handful of low-priority cases, and our public streets are surveilled by ostentatious police cameras: AND WHO REALLY FUCKING BELIEVES THESE THINGS ARE USED TO KEEP US SAFE?? They are only used to intimidate us and make us behave like we're all Ingalls and the Waltons. Welcome to the new frontier--again and again. Once they take a freedom away, its a LOT harder to win it back.

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