Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Resonance of the Brave

(for Jaye)

what hold you in hand, then?
keys, symphonic temporal treasure
realms of a grain made really real,
some palace wood of worlds.

these become a constant love
belying themes of cramped envy
& when given this acceptance
of vow and that sworn honor,
the relent of narrowing view
upon self and fact and self next.

we have here no time to spend
in false judgment of any other,
you especially, or any one who has
held to such arrogating standards
never marched beneath or even matched.

with acceptance came care,
a space of comfort bestowed with time
and ceremony bid to give
involuntary memory its own vast compass,

a field reshaped and held in heart,
a systolic form to body forth
and return with Paraclete expansion.

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