Saturday, September 27, 2008

Buffalo Poets In Conversation

Hosted by the gracious & loquacious Will Hubbard; guided expertly through the maz'y Brooklyn streets by gentleman Jaye, and then offered good company and sweet ocean-side idleness by Damian of Damianco (in celebration of his birthday), I enjoyed the Welcome to Boog City Festival as it transformed from work into one righteous vacation. I'll be scientifically untangling the 1000 minutiae of my weekend on this blog soon enough.

A few days later I sat down to participate in a historic conversation with 9 other Buffalo poets at the awesome Bon Vivant performance hall/art gallery/poetry showcase space. To hear our thoughts, in a raw recording, please visit

Once at their site, you can find the file by clicking on Susan Marie's "This is NOT the Apple" show.

Hear me feverishly read prepared statements while all the other poets comfortably discuss their writing life with relaxed, eloquent ease!


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