Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pitches for the Walls of Heaven

stop throwing sting

please stop throwing stingers and uselessness
throw love and pillows
and gym sets and rope bridges
throw rice and corn and calico
throw sweet breads and honeyed confection
throw your two arms around one
who needs them and hold on
throw sheet music and counterpoints
throw poems crafted in the heart’s forge
throw projections of your wildest vision
throw diagrams of self-defeating toys
throw the happiest grain quinoa like fireworks
throw lavender and olivine
throw back pay and health care to boot
throw visions of the unified city in images we can see
throw the syllabus for revenge in the garbage
throw pride and dignity and self worth across the sky
throw nematode angel encyclopedias of life
throw fountains and flowers and treadles and autoharps
throw now
or go sit on the bench


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