Friday, March 5, 2010

Old Years Buffalo Style (The Real. It's Nothing, Really? from 2005/06)

In the late fall/early winter of '05, Isabelle Pelissier offered me the use of her studio (sometimes called The Steel Bar) at the TriMain Building in Buffalo. For just over a month I prepared work for a January show at Rust Belt Books. I called it "The Real. It's Nothing, Really?". I sold some of the works & after the opening floated on a pink cloud of happiness for weeks. I owe its success largely to Kristi (who scheduled, curated and hosted the whole production) and Isabelle, and even now want to thank Theresa, Chris L., Peter, Mike K., Mike B., Terrible Elephant, and The Bobs for helping me make music & stuff. I had an exceptionally fantastic time. It was fun.

I've decided to post a sampling of the work here. This part of the show featured an ethological text written by an astronaut who can't help mixing up objective fact with his own desire. It's like he wants to invent a new erotics using the detritus of his own surd-consciousness and an incomplete grasp of basic biological processes. The medium is a collage of cheesecake posters, images taken from a Photography & Advertising Annual and ink-stamp lettering.



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