Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet our New Authors!

The Chapbook Festival at the CUNY Graduate Center hosted a number of exciting presses on May 3 and 4.

little scratch pad press was there, and offered instant publishing of new works for attendees. The press will be working on new editions in this format in upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for event information.

The Festival offered a good way for the press to get back up to scratch.

Here are the new authors, and the titles of the poems published in unique editions of one copy, printed onto the air of the concourse:

Montana Ray, “Menagerie” (no photo)

Amanda Deutch, “While You Were Out Another Man/Woman Has Come to Replace You” and "Scene 46"

Amanda Deutch and Cara Benson

Cara Benson, untitled (“medusa head…”) (2nd Edition), originally published in (made), Book Thug, 2010.

Elise Buchman, “Mother Goosed Part XI” (no photo)

Patricia Sazani, “Prayer to St. Anthony” (3rd Edition)

Patricia Sazani

Pamela Laskin, “Teacher (to Norma Dunkley)”

Pamela Laskin

Lonely Christopher, “Hello Nurse”

Lonely Christopher

Zohra Saed, “Kabul 1974”

Zohra Saed

Cynthia Polutanovich, “2/16/10” (no photo)

Aliyah Taylor, “Overdraft” (2nd Edition)

Aliyah Taylor

Ken Chen, “Heartbreak Is A Leak of Self” (2nd “all italics” edition, first published by Yale UP)

The Publisher and Ken Chen

The marathon reading introduced me to many authors I had not heard before, and I went home with a caddy full of new chaps. I'll be writing on these books in coming weeks.

The Goods

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