Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dear rainstorm,

thanks for washing away all that dust, rock & paste.

Everything melts &

here come the blooms
(a parable)

The lover takes a paper on which both their names are written. He tears the paper in two and throws her name away.

"Why have you done this?" The people asked him.

"One name is better than two," he replied. "One is enough for both. If you knew what it means to be a lover, you would realize that you only have to scratch one, and out falls the beloved."

"Why did you throw her name away and keep only your own?"

"Because one can see the shell, but not the kernel," he replied. "Do you not understand? The name is only the outer shell and I am this shell, I am the veil. The face underneath is hers."

With gratitude,

photo portrait by Tyler Love (2007). painting by Jules Joseph Lefebvre. French. 1836-1911. Text adapted from Nizami (Persian, 1141-1209)

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