Thursday, June 26, 2008

Twoheads & Toughies

There were two big deals in the last few days. But I can't get to them, their just too ongoing right now--I'm steeped in an agonizing dilemma--oh wait, there's an easier way! --

the issue seems to be centered on popularity and chicks.

If you're popular, you get chicks. What do you do to be popular?

If I only had the right clothes to wear, damn, I'd be popular. Act a little tougher. Maybe get into a couple of fights. Take some tai kwon do.

Everybody's so stuck up, I mean, how d'they get so stuck up?

You're calling ME stuck up?

I'm just dreaming about the popular chicks all the time. I mean, like, they go and do the quarterback, but that's just so all the other popular girls will think they're cool.

It's not like I'm in band or chorus or anything.

So I've stopped getting straight A's. I hate school, anyway. So what.

I'm trying to get C's, and then wear some cool pants. Whiskey bottle tattoo with some flaming dice. Just wait.

And once I get a car, I got it made. I'm tired of that fucking deep fryer and washing dishes every weekend & tuesdays.

Anyway, later masturbator!!

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