Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the personal blog

Okay, I'm beginning this blog all over again. It's old format was as a fiction-writing blog, where I created a character, Allen Sharpe, to work on as a virtual novel/short story for my prose writing class back in winter/spring 2007. In the summer, after quitting the abject life as an adjunct English instructor and starting a new office job, I began using myspace as my "personal" weblog. When I was in the process of publishing Elizabeth Mariani's chapbook, her marketing saavy convinced me to revise the myspace page into a site for my poetry press. Just this morning, while visiting the site to post a new blog, I noticed a pop-up window on my weblog page, and decided I couldn't use myspace anymore--the site is fun, but loaded with commercial garbage. I hope to migrate the press site to a sponsored server (thanks to Ted Pelton, novelist/publisher) where the books will have a better chance of being seen and appreciated.

I've decided to use this blog as my personal site. Poetry, criticism, complaint, opinion, what interests me, links to others. I've taken down all the previous posts except for one or two that persist in literary merit. The "Allen Sharpe" experiment didn't succeed.

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