Tuesday, August 7, 2007

new letter found: the death of a century tree

delicious and all foxed out green acres greener still up the mango of cherry chocolate and almonds carrying saturate heart across pineapple habanero banana garlic soda bread garbanzo cilantro hard cheese chives basil curls and spinning heads whose poked-out eye lives in the stump blessed life-lost tree water & beer coax back to life squirrel stagger mourn the bark and talking dogs and dogs that hum like fans in the night til morning's methane spurts through venetian salutations ragged out input robins-purr shatter The Wrong Me or Falling/Running and then Bivouac Bromeliad & Co. Walking Through how tell it plain like Stetson or salvation kiss in a car cross highway down lane swirl to find my book she lit a candle set in the bathtub a bandaged heart lighthouse for listing blue blue blue blue blue beer pilgrim

even in the cold sprout tangle of her bed there's a ladybug lifting

her wings

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

where it was

i got lost in time. The streets buckled inward. the sound of voices headphoned through cotton, light reflected through gasoline air--darting off the brick and wood of windows. A tricycle under foot creates half-dance pirouette across curb, treelawn, tough clod dry hump of yard. Quick glimpse of a dress vanishing into a closing door.

Hey ma, can I have a cookie?

No dice!

Love turned out to have more than a kitten's face. But it was, like the old can opener, misplaced somewhere in the back with old hand mixers, temperature probes. Reach in and snag your fingers, old cook.

Signs of greatness once seen late nite in made for TV movie.

job with the ad agency.

Stumbled loose jawed in the corrugated orchard.

Rain kissed across highway pedestrian mornings. Bag of clothes.

Allen Sharpe kids no one with stooped assumptions & aggravated tone.