Saturday, July 11, 2009


"Going to Marbles Town"

patrol this good regard
the well beyond the well
only surmise the various
measures on which one may
negative gift of artifact
on the variable line
count as game or press

vigilance manifests
of the former selves
selvage the ignore threads
squab of cuyahoga
out-patrolled in compassion
movement is not marking lines
preconceived in needed
extraneous mode like ever-tremble

there in the belly sits Jonah
or in the Carrier blacks and reds
the same figure
considered not a column of air
but the image of reflect
the skim of eye on pool
what study casts you there
the right to plaster to address them

is pastel this imagine
is through the layers
accumulate stop hold merge
step and step are not a measure
welcome is pearl is to say so
and we do, these faces up
outward what interior
lacustrine ardor and the fizz

lap spoken in diminuendo
click and tap these asserts
single have met and design
counter-field arras disembarked
caught from the drift to
might or might not or forgot
its pulsate now so green
as the best relinquish

(december 2005, and less tricky in translating to html)


Stupid desire sits in piles of packaging
spans vast and empty boxes surrounding
a tiny red pill
a niacin high

What pleasure comes in soft folds or
shovel-headed burrowing forms

some preeminent pulse of settling numbness
ice cold viral hot

(note: poem written April 2, 2005)