Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Unused Blog Takes on Spam

While I rarely use this blog, I do keep it around for sentimental reasons. A mark of a time. A time of marked activity. It was an active blog, but not a very well-remarked blog. I eventually realized it was eighty parts personal vanity, and twenty parts a contribution to the written art, and a source for critical, personal and miscellaneous notes on life. It persisted as an activity for me for a number of years--perhaps Facebook took over whatever hole of need it was filling for me. Since I rarely blog, I have been getting enormous amounts of spam posts, and I wish Google could identify spam more rigorously, so that it doesn't seem like my blog is haunting me through my email account. It is not a haunted blog, but a kind of electronic home.I care enough about it to not let it fill with useless garbage, scams, and hawkers of less than nothing--hawkers of digital harm, in my opinion.